Madis Ligema

Covid-19 campaign

Science works!  

Client: Estonian Young Academy of Sciences
Series of short clips for social media sharing 

We produced seven 1-minute videos supporting vaccination (not just COVID) featuring experts from ENTA. Topics ranged from statistical analysis of vaccine risks by Mario Kadastik to dispelling myths about vaccines and individual differences by Lili Milani. Each video incorporated graphical elements and animations for visual appeal.

We recognized the need for proactive messaging to combat misinformation and conspiracy theories. Our strategy focused on addressing current concerns and educating viewers about vaccination, leveraging expert insights to build trust. We emphasized a friendly, non-patronizing tone and avoided stigmatizing language or imagery.

Key Features:
  • Tailored content to address specific concerns and information gaps.
  • Expert speakers introduced with credentials to establish credibility.
  • Avoidance of divisive categorizations like "vaccine advocates" or "skeptics."
  • Sensitive portrayal of vaccination process, avoiding triggering imagery.
  • Utilization of infographics and step-by-step guides for clarity and engagement.

Our approach garnered positive feedback, particularly noting the effectiveness of Irja Lutsari's videos. We learned from expert input about the importance of maintaining trustworthiness and avoiding overexposure of certain voices.

Lessons Learned:
Successful communication is inclusive, respectful, and informative. It avoids alienating language and imagery, instead focusing on building understanding and trust among diverse audiences.

Marju Raju, Jaan Aru, Katrin Tiidenberg, Karmen Joller, Lili Milani, Tuul Sepp 
Project manager & creative lead: Madis Ligema
Graphics and design: Eleonora Šljanda 
Camera and lights: Taavi Arus 
Editing: Henri Piiroja