Madis Ligema

General election 2023 

Estonian Reform party 

Campaign “Kindlates kätes Eesti!” 
Client: Eesti Reformierakond  

As the creative director for this campaign, I spearheaded the development of a series of engaging clips and a comprehensive creative strategy aimed at the forthcoming 2023 general elections in Estonia. Our campaign highlighted the government's resolute efforts under Prime Minister Kaja Kallas to bolster Estonia's security, showcasing significant financial commitments to the defense budget and the augmentation of allied forces within the country as undeniable triumphs that have fortified Estonia's safety and sovereignty. 

The main focus of this campaign was to highlight Prime Minister Kaja Kallas's exemplary role in representing Estonia on the international stage, particularly during the tumultuous period (2022). 

Under my leadership, alongside project manager Merit Pärnpuu our creative team crafted a narrative that resonated with the electorate, underlining the government's achievements in national defense and security, thereby contributing to a well-informed voter base ahead of the elections.

Agency: Newton Creative
Creative director: Madis Ligema 
Project manager: Merit Pärnpuu